Example 1.4c (With Two Reflectors)

Wide View (Silver Reflector Added)

Wide View (With White Foam Board Refl. Added)

The image above shows the result after adding a white foam board reflector to the left of the of subject.  This additional reflector provided just enough gentle fill to lighten the shadows and smooth the transition from the front of the face to the shadowed  side.  In the end, we get a flattering light that retains a strong sense of relief. 


The image above shows the result of adding a 32 inch silver reflector to direct light straight into the face.  This lights the mask of the face and is a big improvement, but the remaining shadows are still quite stark.  Note that the reflector also  blocks light from flaring into the lens. 

This example was created to demonstrate how reflectors can be used to wrap light from a single source around your subject.  This is a technique that can be useful when doing window-light portraits, for example.  This is not a typical studio-lighting setup, but it does serve as a good example of the effectiveness of reflectors. 

Example 1.4b (Silver Reflector Added)

Wide View (Split Lighting Only)

Example 1.4a (Split Lighting Only)
















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The image above is lighted solely by the diffused umbrella light and any stray light resulting from it.  This produces a dark and moody portrait, which might be appropriate for some applications, but would probably be best with  more fill lighting.