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Lighting Applications & Variations

This lighting setup is quite versatile.  Depending on the closeness and angle of the softbox, a variety of looks can be generated.  The large softbox, especially when placed horizontally, provides a very smooth gradation from highlight to shadow.  This and similar configurations can be adjusted to work with all genders and ages.   This lighting would be a good choice for figure studies.

In general, the double scrim used in this example can be eliminated.  Removing the background light and substituting a black background would provide a nice variation. 


Lighting Diagram 3.6

Example Portrait 3.6

A large softbox, a hair light, a background light, and a large white reflector were used for this image.  The softbox was placed close to the subject and the fill lighting limited to provide softly graduated, yet fairly deep shadows.  



 The Lighting Setup

The  lighting apparatus used for this portrait is shown in the in the diagram below.  A monolight fitted with a large (3'X4') softbox was placed to the subject's right in the horizontal orientation.  As the softbox was quite close to the subject and angled toward the camera, the light level near the violist's hands was a bit higher than at the face.  To remedy this,  an 18"X24" black double-net scrim was placed between the softbox and the instrument.   A hair light set  approximately 1 f-stop weaker than the main light was positioned above and behind the subject.  A background light consisting of a regular strobe head and a black foil (Cinefoil) snoot was positioned to the subject's left and pointed back at the background.  A reflective reading of the brightest portion of the illuminated background was approximately 1/2 f-stop brighter than the main light.  A four-panel oriental screen (white rice paper) was positioned to the subject's left to provide a large and subtle fill source.