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Lighting Applications & Variations

This is a very specialized lighting.  It gives an edgy look that could be helpful for fashion assignments.  It is terribly finicky and  requires precise subject and lighting placement for good results.  Using a real ring flash is certainly easier.  Unfortunately, most ring flashes are very expensive.   If you must have the ring-flash look,  Alien Bees now sells a moderately-priced ring flash that looks like a winner.  


Lighting Diagram 3.3b (side view)

Lighting Diagram 3.3a (top view)

Example Portrait 3.3

This lighting setup was created to give a look that approximates that produced by a ring flash.  Three flash units with grid attachments were placed in a tight triangular configuration around the camera.   


The Lighting Setup

The  lighting apparatus used for this portrait is shown in diagram 3.3a (top view) and 3.3b (side view) below.  Two strobe heads and a monolight were fitted with equivalent (medium-fine) grids and set for identical output.  These three lights were placed as a triangle, with one light  directly below the camera lens,  and the other two above and to the right and left.  The subject was leaning against a gray wall, with the lights approximately five feet away.    The resulting look is quite close to that of a ring flash, but with a more defined shadow edge and noticeable vignetting.  This setup requires precise subject placement to get the best results.