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Lighting Applications & Variations

This lighting works for a variety of faces.  By moving the main light further from the camera-to-subject axis, this lighting can be used in the short-lighting configuration to narrow the apparent width of the face.   For darker shadows, the white reflector can be moved  back.  For a softer, more enveloping light, the main light can be feathered further from of the face and the white reflector moved in closer.   You can use other modifiers with front diffusion panels in place of the square softbox used here, but those with  a recessed front diffuser generally work best for feathering. 


The silver reflector used in this setup will cause eyeglass glare. 





Lighting Diagram 2.4

Example Portrait 2.4

Here is a lighting that is a customer and personal favorite.  It's great for headshots and can be adjusted to give several different looks. 

Example Portrait 2.4b



 The Lighting Setup

The  lighting apparatus used for this portrait is shown in the in the lighting diagram below.  The main light was a monolight fitted with a recessed 24" square softbox.  The softbox was feathered somewhat forward of the subject and pointed slightly downward to illuminate a silver reflector placed immediately below it.  The silver reflector kicked light into the subject's face to add glow to the skin and sparkle to the eyes.  A white foam board reflector was placed to the left of the subject (subject's right) to provide additional fill lighting.  A hair light, consisting of a standard head in a 16" square softbox, was set to give an incident reading at the top of the head  equal to the incident facial lighting.  Spill light from the hair light provided some additional lighting for the background.  A piece of black foam board was placed in front of the hair light to block light from flaring into the camera lens.   

A second example using this lighting is shown at the bottom of the page.  This image, which is clearly of a different subject, was created with the same apparatus, but with the main light and reflector  positioned somewhat lower, and with the main light less feathered.  The look is quite a bit different, with noticeably greater brilliance.