42" Silver Umbrella

A 42"  silver umbrella with a black backing was used for this image.   This silver umbrella has produced a fairly distinct shadow with a  sharper shadow transition than one would expect with a satin umbrellas of equal size.  Silver umbrellas vary significantly in construction and light quality.  Silver umbrellas with a pebbled interiors (Profoto, Elinchrom) produce a more even and scattered light, but one which still retains the "sheen" that separates the silver and satin umbrellas.  Other silvers use a highly reflective and smooth fabric which produces high efficiency and specularity.  These latter umbrellas often feature a distinct hotspot (direct reflection of the light source) that results in a very distinct double-edged shadow.  Silver umbrellas can add a glow to subjects with matte makeup, or make an oily-skinned subject look like a rain-slicked road.