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Lighting Applications & Variations

For all intents and purposes this lighting is just a slightly softened version of that which one would achieve with an on-camera flash placed on a flip bracket.  By varying the flash output relative to the ambient lighting, you can change the image from one that has subtly filled shadows (flash 1.5 f-stops less than ambient) to one that pops the subjects from a darkened background (flash 1.5 f-stops stronger than ambient).


When shooting in back lighting, make sure to shield your lens from the sun. 





Outdoor Lighting Diagram 3

Outdoor Example Portrait 3

A high-powered portable flash bounced into a satin umbrella provided the slightly over-balanced artificial illumination for this image. 



 The Lighting Setup

The  lighting apparatus used for this portrait is shown in the lighting diagram below.  A quantum X2 flash was bounced into a 46" satin umbrella that was placed immediately above the camera (my head protruded into the lower portion of the umbrella).  The flash output was set to be about 1/2  f-stop greater than that of the ambient light reading taken of the golf course behind the subjects.  The subjects were placed under a large outcropping of trees to block skylight and were back lighted by the evening sun.