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NEWS (July 05, 2009)

There's a new blog associated with this site.  The blog will allow for easier and more frequent updates and an opportunity for readers to add their own perspectives and wisdom.  Hopefully, through reader participation, we'll make this a more useful site. 

From this point forward, expect most new material to be posted to the blog, with updates occurring on a weekly basis.

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Home Page

Welcome to,  a resource for portrait photographers venturing into studio-strobe lighting.   If you are assembling your first studio-lighting kit or are struggling to get the look you want from your current equipment, you may find the information on this site helpful.

Currently, the site is split into two sections:

  • Lighting Examples
  • Selected Lighting Topics

Each lighting example consists of a portrait and a detailed description of the lighting used to create it.  The topics area contains the author's ramblings on matters of portraiture and light.  There is also a glossary of terms in the topics section.

Please note: Starting July 09, most new content will appear on our blog.